Do you want more strategic, creative, agile and customer-focused
Learning & Development people?


Your learning, organisational development, leadership design and delivery people are critical to your business success, especially now as continual learning is one of the key skills for the future - both for individuals and organisations.

So your organisation can learn at the speed of change, you need to be strategic. And your learning & development design and delivery people need to work smarter, faster and at ease to deliver on that strategy, while modelling effortless learning.

Whether you have departments full of learning & development teams, or learning is only part of your role, or you are in HR or OD, work with Anna to become more strategic, inspired, re-energised with new skills so you can deliver more sustainable business outcomes.


Learning strategy

If learning is the key skill for the future, we need to be very clear on how we will will help our teams become life-long learners and supercharge our business along the way. Plus, linking your people’s purpose to your organisation’s vision means everyone’s meaning and purpose will be engaged.

Taking time to stop and get clear the capabilities your organisation needs, the skills your people want, best practice learning, and how your learning needs to look and feel to engage your people is the most important thing you can do. I can complete a training needs analysis and strategy for your organisation, or coach you to do it.


learning performance consultants

When people come to you, do they ask for training solutions? Instead work with your stakeholders to diagnose the actual performance problem and what behaviour change they need to see.

From this you can design a solution which will meet everyone’s need, as well as the budget’s. You can then measure the success of your solution. This is proving the true value of practical, engaging and results oriented learning. Everyone wins.

facilitator and speaker

learning experience design

Is your team up to date with modern learning design? People learn differently already this year than they did last year - what can we do to engage people in learning?

Anna has decades of experience in learning and instructional design helping organisations get the behaviour and results uptake they need from learning solutions (hint - the answer to your performance problem is probably not only training).

I can run a workshop or coaching learning solution for you in-house, or you can come along to my Brightstar courses - see below for more information.


Future capabilities

What skills will your organisation need for the future? Anna helps you strategise for these.

design thinking, lean startup and agile

Anna is a certified agile team facilitator and loves using design sprints to help you combine the skills you already have with design thinking, lean startup experiments and agile into your teams, projects and work. This makes your learning more customer centred, faster, fun and useful.


behaviour change and post learning strategy

We all know, just because someone knows how to change, doesn’t mean they will. Anna helps you implement post learning strategies which help you leverage the learning in a very cost effective way.

Anna has been implementing change in learning in leadership for over 15 years and understands that as change is constant, helping people through change in an agile way is a priority.

Learning Experience Design Workshop


From Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design

Instructional Design (ID) is the systematic development of training to help people learn and improve.


Learning Experience Design (LXD) is a new way of looking at ID, in which you design learning experiences to have a lasting positive impact (both for the learner, and their organisation), so that each person learns what they need to, when they need to, and in the way they need to learn.

Learning Experience Design will show you how to create learning experiences to develop and embed new habits that will inspire and engage your learners, create business impact and help learners transfer their new-found knowledge and skills back into the workplace. Whether you’re a trainer producing your own materials or you want to specialise in Learning Experience Design, you’ll find this course full of practical tips and useful ideas to help you get behavioural change.

Join us to learn how to practically apply Learning Experience design in a human-centred and agile way.  This course is set at an intermediate level where you are encouraged to bring along a project to experiment with.  You will leave with practical steps, and new ideas, to bring your project to life. 

I can run a coaching or facilitated session for you in-house, or you can come along to the Brightstar workshops - see the timetable here.

This workshop will give you practical tools and ideas to answer the following questions.

Set up the foundations

  • How do we learn?

  • What is a ‘learning experience’?

  • What are the constant principles of adult learning?


Learning Experience Design tools

  • How does Design Thinking and agile mindset fit within Learning Experience Design (LXD)?

  • What is an LX canvas and how do I use it?

  • How do we diagnose performance issues?

  • How do we motivate learners to learn?

  • How do we measure the success or impact of a learning intervention?

  • How do I run a design sprint with our stakeholders?


Design learning which is engaging and effective

  • How do I build a strategy to meet the learning and organisational needs?

  • How do we engage stakeholders through the journey – Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Leaders, Sponsors and Learners?

  • How do we design experiences to engage our learners?

  • How do I create a storyboard or facilitator guide which tells a story?

  • How do we include follow up and behavioural nudges to get long term change?


Deliver great experiences

  • How do I choose the right delivery method (from social learning to blended learning and every way in between)?

  • How do we prevent information overload, while still getting new ideas and ways of working across?

  • How do I use visual elements, writing, emotion and mood to increase the appeal of my learning?


Evaluate learning impact

  • How do we select the right evaluation level and tool for each learning intervention?

  • How do I plan, get feedback on, and learn from my learning experiments?

Is this a workshop you’d be interested in attending, then please enrol your interest below (and I will contact you), or if it’s easier, please visit Brightstar to enrol on a public course I run in partnership with them.

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