Anna Kingston is passionate about getting you ready for the future

Whether it's your business, your leaders, or yourself, I've got a solution for you.
Read on to find out more about the future of work, or solutions just for you.


With the rapid state of change, your business, and your people, will be disrupted to some degree.  Work with me to get yourself ready for an agile, lean future where you thrive in change.


 As leaders, we know we'll need different skills to get our people and ourselves ready for the future.  What are they?  And how can I learn them quickly and easily?  


 To change the world, change yourself.  Your amazing future starts here.


learning experience design

Do you have training, e-learning, learning, behaviour or performance change you want to implement?  

Anna has decades of experience in learning and instructional design, helping organisations get the behaviour and results uptake they need from learning solutions (hint - the answer to your performance problem is probably not only training).

Book in on my workshop ‘From Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design’ or contact me for more information.


facilitation and speaking

Are you looking for a workshop facilitator or speaker?  Anna loves facilitating interactive and thought provoking sessions on the future of work and leadership. See some of her recent talks here.

facilitator and speaker


Coaching is about you, I customise you session to deliver just what you need to step ahead. This means coaching can lead to immediate and long term success.  Anna is a certified Leadership, mBit, Psych K and life coach - so there are many modes your coaching may take, depending on what you need:

  • mindset and habit shifts

  • leadership coaching

  • career and goal setting


lean change manager

Anna has been implementing change in learning in leadership for over 15 years and understands that as change is constant, helping people through change in an agile way is a priority.


design thinking and enterprise agile coach

Anna is a certified agile team facilitator and loves helping you implement design thinking and agile into your teams, projects and work.


team canvas

Do you have a new team, or you're just going through change and want to get your team firing together?  Team canvas is a modern solution to this age old problem.

Change starts with you.  Who do you want to be?


I work with you to increase your resilience, learning and agility, so you can get the most out of your life - at work and at home.

Anna specialises in helping you co-design your future by focusing on flexing your mindset, finding your meaning and setting future goals. 


Leaders need new skills


'There's so much to learn, it's overwhelming' I hear you say.  Don’t panic, I can help leaders get better at the key skills which immediately impact on your performance and wellbeing.

I follow modern, fast and highly impactful practices to help leaders quickly and calmly uncover what they need to lead effectively. Then curate, collaborate, and learn these new skills quickly and iteratively. This means learning sticks and creates life long change and motivation.

Skills I focus on:

  • What makes a great leader for 2022

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Innovation and analytical thinking

  • Agile

  • Design Thinking

  • Sprint experimentation

  • How to stay ahead of learning and continual information

  • Creativity, originality and initiative

  • Resilience and flexibility

  • Personal Effectiveness and getting things done

  • Sustainability

  • Managing diverse teams

  • Managing freelancers

  • Motivation

I can help you lift your skills as part of a workshop, event, coaching session or blended solution.


Anna helps you get agile, lean and future ready


Your people need to up-skill to meet your exciting future goals and strategy. 

The World Economic Forum’s 2018 report ‘The Future of Jobs’ predicts that even if we stay in the same roles, over half our job and tasks will change by 2022.

How will you get your people ready? 

I can help you plan and enable your people for the future of work - using design thinking, lean and agile methods. Here is what working with me may include:

3. light.png

1. Get future ready

Build understanding and remove fear by raising awareness

2. Set your strategy.  Uncover what you need and build a plan using a design sprint

2. Set your strategy

Uncover what you need and build a plan using a design sprint

3. people.png

3. Lift your people

Build future skills.
Focus an agile, lean and customer-led skills

3. pencil.png

While always:

Review, measure, communicate and iterate



a few clients and Testimonials

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If you’re interested in adding your company here, please call me to discuss your needs…

Paula Williams, Human Resources Director, Simpson Grierson
”Thank you for facilitating our session, the team really enjoyed it and we all thought you did a great job!! You are brilliant at what you do.”

Tim Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Noel Leeming Group and Torpedo7.
“I have worked with a few L&D managers in my time and Anna by far leads the pack in her ability to translate what the business is trying to achieve for its people into measurable action.” 
Matt Williams, Manager Human Resources, Noel Leeming Group
"Anna's 'hands-on' approach has enabled her to gain a huge amount of respect and credibility throughout the organisation and her eye for opportunity frequently opens the door to new ideas and ways of doing things. With Anna - you can count on the job getting done and getting done well!”

Vivienne Kelly, Owner, Momentum Life Coaching
"Wow Anna - what a great coach and trainer you are.  I find your presence warm, calm and powerful"
Blair Stevenson, Chief Executive, Brava Limited
“Anna is passionate about developing people. This passion has led her to become a talented training facilitator and coach, and a highly creative training designer, who always strives to do good work. Definitely a great person to have on your team.”
Rob Thomas, Regional Manager, Noel Leeming Group
“I had the great pleasure of working with Anna at the Noel Leeming Group. Anna was a fantastic support to my team and was instrumental in leading the development of team members both in their business and personal growth."
Michelle Park, Online Editor, Telecom NZ Ltd.
“I worked with Anna during my time at Telecom in Auckland, New Zealand. You know how sometimes, if you're lucky, you find intelligent, dependable people in a big organisations? Those sparkly, bright people who have the right kind of approach, a great set of skills and a really generous attitude? That's Anna - I'd never hesitate to work with her again, if fortune ever favoured me with the opportunity.”
Andrew Carr, Organisational Learning Consultant, IAG
“Anna's brilliant at applying best practice to the task at hand and being up to date with the latest L&D thinking and research. Also very capable and thorough in managing demanding (and sometimes conflicting) workloads.”

Robbie Chui, National Training Director, PWC
"I would say Anna is one of the best managers I have had so far in my career. She provides guidance, ideas and support to grow myself as a learning and development professional. Anna's down-to-earth nature makes her very approachable, and is generous with her time. She will be dearly missed around here and there is no doubt I will be taking all of her wisdom and people management skills with me."