Leaders need new skills


'There's so much to learn, it's overwhelming' I hear you say.  Don’t panic, I can help leaders get better at the key skills which immediately impact on your performance and wellbeing.

I follow modern, fast and highly impactful practices to help leaders quickly and calmly uncover what they need to lead effectively. Then curate, collaborate, and learn these new skills quickly and iteratively. This means learning sticks and creates life long change and motivation.

Skills I focus on:

  • What makes a great leader for 2022

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Innovation and analytical thinking

  • Agile

  • Design Thinking

  • Sprint experimentation

  • How to stay ahead of learning and continual information

  • Creativity, originality and initiative

  • Resilience and flexibility

  • Personal Effectiveness and getting things done

  • Sustainability

  • Managing diverse teams

  • Managing freelancers

  • Motivation

I can help you lift your skills as part of a workshop, event, coaching session or blended solution.