A bit about me…

I have always loved to learn. And in this rapidly changing world, keeping up with all the new ideas, skills and information coming at us every day is a challenge. That's why I love to help you get strategic about learning and filter, curate and learn, so you (and your people) feel both calm and current.

I enjoy turning new (and not so new) ideas into practical, contextual and sustainable behaviour change strategies, so you, and your organisation can achieve the results and the long term benefits of learning new skills and mindsets. For example, I can work with you to apply some of the new practices like design thinking, agile and lean enterprise to your business problems so you can achieve fast, modern and sustainable business results and learning.

I also enjoy working strategically with other learning teams and practitioners do the same thing. It's never about throwing out your current values, mindsets or toolkits. It's about using what works, removing what doesn't and creating more time for you to be successful in life and work.

I have worked implementing change in Learning and Leadership for over 15 years as a Learning and Development Manager, Project and Change Manager, Instructional Designer, Leadership Coach, Organisational Development coach, Facilitator and Speaker.

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Neurobiology, am a certified Agile Team Facilitator, qualified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and am certified as an mBit Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach and Brava Coach.