Coaching is about you, I customise you session to deliver just what you need to step ahead. This means coaching can lead to immediate and long term success.  Anna is a certified Leadership, mBit, Psych K and life coach - so there are many modes your coaching may take, depending on what you need:

  • mindset and habit shifts

  • leadership coaching

  • career and goal setting


learning experience design

Do you have training, e-learning, learning, behaviour or performance change you want to implement?  

Anna has decades of experience in learning and instructional design, helping organisations get the behaviour and results uptake they need from learning solutions (hint - the answer to your performance problem is probably not only training).

facilitator and speaker

facilitation and speaking

Are you looking for a workshop facilitator or speaker?  Anna loves facilitating interactive and thought provoking sessions on the future of work and leadership. See some of her recent talks here.


lean change manager

Anna has been implementing change in learning in leadership for over 15 years and understands that as change is constant, helping people through change in an agile way is a priority.


design thinking and enterprise agile coach

Anna is a certified agile team facilitator and loves helping you implement design thinking and agile into your teams, projects and work.


team canvas

Do you have a new team, or you're just going through change and want to get your team firing together?  Team canvas is a modern solution to this age old problem.